Tips for going out for lunch or dinner with German friends
Tips for going out for lunch or dinner with German friends

Words must be on your Head: Guten Appetit, Bitte, Können wir bitte bestellen, Zahlen

German people are really decent and polite (Our Blog Team Believe so). So have to maintain some behavior in public places like restaurants or cafes. If you maintain so, then you will be more comfortable.

Learn some basic words of German to be able to ask for your foods & bills.

If you have dinner with a group and want to pay separately, you should let the waiter know about it when ordering the meal to avoid the time loss afterwards.

Don’t hurry while eating!

Wish others at your table Guten Appetit before you start your meal.

Wish others Prost! (Cheers!) Before you begin drinking.

If you need to call a waiter, say “Herr Ober, bitte!”, or “Kellner bitte”, or catch his eyes while he is hurrying past and say “Können wir bitte bestellen?”

Have both hands (but not the elbows!) on the table during the meal.

Eat all the food you order, eat up.

After the dinner is over, ask for your check.

Say Zahlen, bitte and pay the waiter.

Don’t forget to tip your waiter — five or ten percent of the total is OK.




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