Summer in Germany- German Lifestyle Magazine
Summer in Germany- German Lifestyle Magazine

Summer in Germany means a long long day. Suns goes down around 21:OO Pm. Cold Beer is most preferable drink in summer. Basically summer in Germany is the peak travel for travellers . The only other time it gets this busy is during the country’s Christmas market season from late November to the end of the year.

Germany’s festival season is in full swing for summer. With many festivities held outdoors, you can fully enjoy Germany’s (occasional) warm summer temperatures.

Between July and August, almost every German city organises a city festival (Stadtfest). Locals of all ages enjoy open-air concerts, fun rides, fireworks, and lots of food and drink in the heart of their city. It is a great experience for travellers to take part in these (free) festivities and to soak up some local flavor.

Temperatures range between 21° and 28° C. Occasional spikes in temperature and the whole country’s commitment to forgoing air conditioning may leave you sweating it out for a few deliriously hot days in summer. But these months are also the time when precipitation in Germany is high, so bring your rain jacket.

It is usually warmest in the south of Germany, and the Palatinate wine region in the Southwest is even blessed with a Mediterranean climate. Exotic fruits like figs, lemons, and kiwis are cultivated here—a rarity for Germany.

German countryside is possibly at its best in summer. Lazy days are filled with beers by the Spree, cycling through hazy streets (or even airport runways), and parties have no beginning or end. It is the reason many people bear the long cold, winter.

Average temperatures…

  • June: Average low 10° C, Average high 22° C
  • July: Average low 13° C, Average high 25° C
  •  August: Average low 13° C, Average high 25° C




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