Stammtisch: A table for a friendly get together
Stammtisch: A table for a friendly get together

This word cannot be translated directly to English. Relatively we can call it something like “regular’s table” or “regular get-together”.

In practically the word Stammtisch is a table in a bar or restaurant which is reserved for the common guests at the same time every day or every week. There is usually a sign on the table saying “Stammtisch”. If you don’t belong to this table, don’t attempt to sit there!
There can be all kinds of Stammtisch. There are those simply for friends to drink together. Or those for specific interest groups.

If you are new in Germany and start learning Deutsch. May be Stammtisch can help you a lot.  A language circles, happy hours and conversation groups all have one thing in common: practicing and enjoying German in an informal setting. German conversational groups usually meet in private homes, pubs or restaurants in places across the world.  Such Stammtisch groups do however have a regular agreed meeting place and time, and may meet once a week, every two weeks or even monthly.
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