Nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben


You will 100% confused if, while on a visit to Germany, a native strode up to you and asked if you still had all your cups in the cabinet. Is that person just a socially awkward tableware enthusiast trying to make conversation?

Unfortunately, no. Instead, the person is expressing doubt about your mental faculties. It is the beautiful German way to ask if you’ve lost your marbles. As to why the loss of dishes or colorful glass balls signifies a deterioration of your senses, beats me.

Tausend Euro für ein T-Shirt? Hast Du nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank?

(A thousand bucks for a t-shirt? Have you lost your mind?)
Er sagt, dass ich schuld bin? Der hat doch nicht alle Tassen im Schrank!

(He says it’s my fault? I think he’s not right in the head!)




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