List of highest paid companies in Germany -germanlifestyle
List of highest paid companies in Germany -germanlifestyle

Are you a Superb, Proficient Skill Worker? Are you expecting more salary?

Then you should definitely read this post.

2016 Jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor has published a list of the top 10 German companies whose employees have the largest median income.

Consultancy firm Roland Berger, in joint first place with industrial group Siemens. The median income of employees from both of these companies is a massive €80,720 per annum.

The term “income” takes into account a) the basic salary, b) any bonuses and c) any other personal remunerations, over the course of one year.

So which companies offer the highest salaries? Here’s Glassdoor’s list of each company and the median income that their employees receive.

  1. Roland Berger: Median income – €80,720. Sector: consultancy
  2. Siemens: Median income – €80,720. Sector: industry
  3. BASF: Median income  – €76,684. Sector: industry
  4. Robert Bosch: Median income – €75,675. Sector: industry
  5. Bayer AG: Median income – €70,630. Sector: industry
  6. Commerzbank: Median income – €70,630. Sector: banking
  7. Daimler: Median income – €70,630. Sector: automobile industry
  8. Deutsche Bank: Median income – €70,630. Sector: banking
  9. Continental: Median income – €65,585. Sector: automobile industry/supply industry
  10. SAP: Median income – €65,000. Sector: technology


So what we understand from this list? Let’s find out some Key Points…..

  • All the demand full sector and skill worker are on the list.
  • You have to take more stress for earning more money
  • And the more interesting thing is all listed companies are long-standing traditional companies from Germany and they have their head office in Germany.




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