Improve your German by changing your daily habits.
Improve your German by changing your daily habits.


Learning German language can be fun if you read my post and follow accordingly. There are many ways to make it easier and you don’t even realize you are doing it.  Learning any language can be difficult and frustrating, but here are some tips that I have followed in my real life I am still following:

  1. Start read German Books: Start reading children story books. It will really easy for you to understand. It will enrich your german vocabulary storage. After three to four months I believe you can start reading adult books.


  1. Listen to german radio: To get used to with german accent just start now listing german radio. I used to listen to radio in cars and it was a good company to drive alone.  Even if you are a beginner, listening to news/talk radio is a good idea as it will tune your ears into the flow of German and you get to feel that thrill when you catch a word you understand.
  1. Start watching German Tv and Films: I start with dubbed serials and movies what I already watched before. Because I know the story, so I can easily understand the german summary of the movie. This is a perfect way to improve your German whilst doing something fun. Don’t forget to turn on the German subtitles (if available) to help you understand the dialogue.


  1. Lebel everything in german names in your house: This is a great tip for beginners – and that is to use your house as your language classroom.  Label everything (and I mean everything) in your house in German – and don’t forget to include the article der, die or das. Use blue paper for masculine words, pink for feminine and white/yellow for neutral to help you remember which words are which. This is what my old apartment used to look like when I first starting learning German.


  1. Listen to German Music: Load up some German music onto your smartphone and listen to it whilst you workout, clean the house or whenever you normally listen to music.

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