German workers are more productive
German workers are more productive

If we look at Level of GDP per capita and productivity we will see that for 2016, the top five countries in terms of productivity were Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Based on that then technically German workers aren’t more productive than everyone else, but they’re pretty damn close.

I could write page length about my own experiences ranging from small factories to the biggest MNC. I would not prove here that Germans are productive but from the below factors, you can understand by yourself.

Sun or Snow or even raining cat and dogs people are always on time for their work. They always start their day according to situations. Most of the times, if their working hours are 8 to 5, then people arrive around 7.45 to 7.55 and start working exactly at 8. I guess in most of the places around the world people come at 8.5 to 8.10 and start work only a couple of minutes later.

People take their job/profession seriously. They consider it sort of ethical responsibility to their profession strongly.

German’s strongly believe in hierarchies. As was shown in the “Hauptmann von Köpenick” play Germans obey sometimes too much to higher authorities and in general those hierarchies lead to very efficient work

No Social Network surfing like Facebook / Twitter or send message via WhatsApp/Viber or Playing games in smartphone at work ( only except at lunch breaks)

Job done mean done. The only success is counted. There are no marks /points for half-done things, you score if the work is not just done but “perfectly done”. As like we know  Neil Armstrong, not the anyone else.

Most of the people are skilled on their own field. They like to train them as a skill people not for just getting a general degree. In most professions, people are “trained” or have “ausbildung” in that particular field. Train People mean more productivity.

They are too professional or busy in their work so that, people might sit next to next for years but may not be knowing anything personal about each other. Which in turn culminates to best behavior at work and leaves no space to small talks to gossips.

If we focus and elaborates our discussion then, three main factors can be found:

  • Quality Control – Trust is good but control is better! (real German saying).
  • Law, Roles & regulation – everything is regulated in Germany, to the point that your own freedom is limited.
  • Skill is King: having education in your field of work, “ausbildung” , etc. is very important. This makes sure that the jobs are occupied by professionals (most of the time).

I think now you can decide yourself, what makes them so productive 🙂

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