German Vocabulary for shopping- German Lifestyle
German Vocabulary for shopping- German Lifestyle

You are new in Germany or Planing for vacation or Business trip ? Then definitely you will need to buy your regular staff or want to buy your mom (or boyfriends) something from your trip to Germany / Switzerland / Austria /Luxembourg . It’s really important to know basic shopping dialog in German so that you’re not completely ripped off. If you master the following easy expressions, the salesperson might think twice about over-charging you for those lovely gifts !

Here are some German vocabulary for shopping :

Haben Sie Andenken?
Do you have souvenirs? 

Verkaufen Sie…?
Do you sell…?

Wie viel kostet das?
How much is that? 

Ich kann nur X Euro bezahlen.
I can only pay X euros. 

Ich habe nur X Euro dabei.
I only have X euros with me. 

Kann ich es für X Euro kaufen?
Can I buy it for X euros? 

Haben Sie etwas Billigeres?
Do you have something cheaper? 

Haben Sie das in einer [kleinen/großen] Größe?
Do you have that in a [smaller/bigger] size? 

Um wieviel Uhr [öffnet/schließt] das Geschäft?
What time does the shop [open/close]?

Was möchten Sie?
What would you like? 

Was suchen Sie?
What are you looking for?

Darf ich mit Bargeld bezahlen?
May I pay with cash? 

Darf ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen?
May I pay with credit card?

We just mention here some basic dialog . If you need to know more German vocabulary for shopping then write in our comments section.




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