Fraud Ticket Checker in Berlin !!!!!!!!
Fraud Ticket Checker in Berlin !!!!!!!!

The Federal Police are currently investigating five ticket checkers of the Berlin S-Bahn. They are employees of the security company Wisag, which inspects tickets on behalf of the S-Bahn.

Fraud or unethical checkers are targeting mainly foreign tourists. If they did not have a valid ticket, checker force the travelers to pay the increased transport charge of 60 euros in cash .( Information from Federal Police )

But they never issued a receipt to the passengers. That means those checkers kept the fine into their own pocket.

If you travel without a valid ticket and get controlled, NEVER PAY DIRECTLY TO THE CONTROLLER! Some employees of Wisag (Checker of the S-Bahn or Tram) have been ripping off people that way. SO BE Careful folks from ticket checker in Berlin.

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Source: Morgen Post




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