Five great Movies to Learn German with fun

Five great Movies to Learn German with fun
Five great Movies to Learn German with fun

German Language is not boring if you use some tricks . Watching German Movies is one of them . We are mentioning 5 movie names that can really help you to learn german with fun .

#1 Run Lola Run (Lola rennt) (1998)

If you want to travel to Berlin and want to get a taste of the Berlinerisch dialect, this film might be the right one for you. This classic German movie follows Lola who has to find 100,000 German marks in twenty minutes in order to save her boyfriend’s life. Her boyfriend, a small-time criminal, has lost his boss’ money and will now get killed unless Lola comes up with the money. The film is told three times in three different “runs,” each starting with the same premise, but ending completely different. Fast and riveting, this film offers the perfect distraction when you’re bored of conjugating verbs!

#2 Die Legende von Paul und Paula

In a rare personal interview about her early life in the DDR, Angela Merkel said that “Die Legende von Paul und Paula” was her favorite movie. To this day, it is the most successful film ever produced in East Germany. It’s the story of an unhappily married man who finds the love of his life, but tries to keep up appearances with his marriage so as not to interfere with his career as a bureaucrat.

Look for the bizarre, hallucinogenic boat scene and music by die Puhdys,an East German rock Band whose music can also be found in “Sonnenallee”. I’ve always liked the bizarre refrain of their most popular song:

Geh zu ihr und lass deinen Drachen steigen
Geh zu ihr, denn du lebst ja nicht vom Moos allein!

Go to her and let your dragon rise
Go to her, because you don’t live on just moss!


#3 Downfall (Der Untergang) (2004)

What was Hitler thinking and doing during the last 10 days of his life? This film tells this exact story. If you’re looking for a historical drama, look no further. This controversial but fascinating portrayal of Hitler will have you white-knuckling your sheets. You might also learn a bit about the Austrian dialect as actor Bruno Ganz is known to have prepared intensively for his portrayal of Hitler by studying videos of the Führer to get the accent down pat. Maybe not the way you wanted to learn about Austria, but this film is a must-see!


#4 Die Fette Jahren sind Vorbe

Jule: Du häufst Dinge an. Grosse, teure Dinge
Hardenberg: Wir leben in einer Demokratie
Jan: Falsch! Wir leben in einer Diktatur des Kapitals

Jule has had enough of capitalism – she accidentally destroyed a 100,000€ BMW and needs to slave away as a waitress for years to pay back the money to the owner.

When she finds out what her boyfriend Peter does when he sneaks out during the night, Jule is intrigued. Peter and his friend Jan break into the houses of rich people and rearrange all the furniture, without stealing anything, leaving only an ominous letter: “Die Fette Jahren sind Vorbei” (Your days of plenty are over.)

When one of their victims comes home early, the trio find themselves on the run with a hostage, who they find is anything but the blind capitalist they expected him to be.


#5 Joschka und Herr Fischer

If you were interested in the cultural changes in Germany that are shown in Baader Meinhof Komplex, you might also like the movie “Joschka und Herr Fischer”. Joschka Fischer was a pivotal figure in the German Green Party, and was even called die Liebling der Deutschen.

This movie (which is admittedly an indulgent biopic by Fischer about Fischer), shows the unlikely career of a man who made it all the way to the top. The son of Hungarian emigrants to Germany, Fischer worked as a taxi driver in Frankfurt, and took part in environmental protests during which he admitted to throwing rocks at the police. Over time, his political party went from being a group of weirdos to a member of the red-green coalition that named Fischer Germany’s foreign minister.

Fischer’s career was full of funny and dramatic moments. When Fischer was first made a cabinet member in the regional government of Hessen, he didn’t own any formal shoes to wear and was given his nickname Turnschuhe-Minister (tennis shoe minister). When Fischer supported military intervention during the Balkan crisis, the radical pacifist members of his party threw a water balloon filled with red paint at him during his speech.

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