Education System in Germany- Germanlifestyleblog
Education System in Germany- Germanlifestyleblog

Thinking of moving to Germany with your family? So You need more information on the education system of Germany? Then read this detailed post and you will get to know more about the German education system.

After 3 years of voluntary attendance at Kindergarten, children start school. They normally start with Grundschule or as we say in English pre-school (USA) or primary school (UK). It’s compulsory for children to attend the Grundschule for 4 years. Let’s focus more on the Grundschule.

Starting at the age of 6, your child will be in year 1 (I will use the British term). The typical subjects of year 1 are Deutsch (German), Mathe (Maths), Religionsunterricht (religion, if you want your child to know more about Christianity) or Ethik (ethics, this is what Muslims or children of other religious affiliation normally choose), Heimat und Sachunterricht (mixture of Geography, history and science), Kunst (art), Musik (music), Sport (sports) and Werken und Gestalten (in this subject children learn to use different kind of materials.) Children have to attend school for 20 hours per week. The School usually starts at 08:00 am and finishes at 13:00 pm.

The structure of year 2 is the same as in the year 1; the only difference is that, year 2 students have to attend school for 22 hours per week.

The year 3 also has the same structure of year 1 and 2. English is added in year 3 and students of year 3 have to attend school for 26 hours per week.

Year 4 is the same as the year 3 and there are no additional hours for students of year 4.

After you successfully complete year 4, your tutor or class teacher will recommend you on what to do after year 4. In Germany there are 3 school forms: Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. These are the three main school forms in Germany.

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