Christmas wishes in german language
Christmas wishes in german language

Today, I will try to share some important Christmas greetings text or dialogue in German. Let’s start with some typical Christmas greetings:

Frohe/Fröhliche Weihnachten — Merry Christmas

Ein Frohes Fest!/Schöne Feiertage! — Happy holidays!

Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr — Best wishes for the new year

Chistmas greetings in German by German Lifestyler
Chistmas greetings in German by German Lifestyler

In Christmas giving and getting a gift from dearest one is also an important tradition. Now, here are some phrases in case you want to give your German friends a present:

Was wünschst dir zu Weihnachten? Ich wünsche mir zu Weihnachten…— What do you want for Christmas? I want … for Christmas

Ich habe ein Geschenk für dich/Danke für das Geschenk — I have a gift for you/Thank you for the gift

Christmas cards

So you have some basic phrases above, but sometimes they just aren’t enough. Here are some longer (and prettier) phrases in case you want to send someone a personal Christmas greeting:

An Weihnachten werden Wünsche wahr! Darum wünsche ich dir Glück, Gesundheit, Zufriedenheit und ein erfolgreiches neues Jahr — On Christmas, wishes come true! I wish you happiness, health, satisfaction and a successful New Year!

Ich wünsche dir/euch frohe Festtage, Zeit zur Entspannung, und viele Lichtblicke im kommenden Jahr. — I wish you happy holidays, time to relax and many highlights in the coming year!

Das größte Geschenk zum Weihnachtsfest tragen wir bereits in unseren Herzen! Liebe und Mitgefühl sind unbezahlbar und unser größtes Gut. Wir wünschen dir und deiner Familie liebevolle und friedliche Weihnachten! — The greatest Christmas gift is already in our hearts! Love and compassion are priceless and our greatest good. We wish you and your family a lovely and happy Christmas!

Sending Christmas cards is a common practice in Germany, and you can use this website to look for other messages for your Christmas cards. You can then personalize and ship those cards using services such as Postable.

German Christmas vocabulary

Here are some extra words that you’re likely to encounter in a German-speaking country during Christmas time:

das Christkindl — the Christ child (this is where Kris Kringle comes from)

der Christbaum/Tannenbaum/Weihnachtsbaum — Christmas tree

der Heiligabend — Christmas Eve

der Kranz — wreath

das Weihnachtslied — Christmas carol

der Weihnachtsmann — Santa

die Weisen — Three wise men

I hope this post will help you to share Christmas greetings with German friends & wish you enjoy Christmas in Germany!





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