States of the Federal Republic of Germany

 Index of German Federal States List of links to state profiles of the Federal States of Germany. Baden-Württemberg Bavaria Berlin Brandenburg Bremen Hamburg Hesse Lower...
Corporate lifestyle

Corporate lifestyle making more men diabetic than women, says survey

Women in the corporate sector are less afflicted with diabetes than men, show results of a survey by a health insurance company. Further, the average...

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German workers are more productive

German workers are more productive than everyone else ! True or False ?

If we look at Level of GDP per capita and productivity we will see that for 2016, the top five countries in terms of productivity...
German Medical Words for when You’re Sick in Germany - German Lifestyle Blog

German Medical Words for when You’re Sick in Germany

Most German doctors speak at least enough English to communicate with you about your symptoms, illness, and medicine. Unfortunately, not all receptionists and helpers...
Summer Festivals in Germany- German Lifestyle Magazine

Summer Festivals in Germany

It's finally summer in Germany. This is the right time to visit or having a holiday in Germany. For you guys, we make a local "Summer...