How to Celebrate Easter Like a German- german lifestyle

How to Celebrate Easter Like a German

Easter Sunday (Ostersonntag) in Germany annually celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection after his crucifixion on Good Friday, according to the Christian Bible. People mark the...
Fasching- German Lifestyle

Fasching or Karneval Celebration in Germany

  Fasching, Karneval, Fastnacht, Fasnacht, Fastelabend - actually they are all same thing: Fasching is the Roman Catholic Shrovetide carnival as celebrated in German-speaking countries....

Funnny Facts about Germany / Deutschland ( Part 1 )

Beer Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world, after the Irish (of course). Beer is officially considered a food in Bavaria. ...

Käsekuchen (German Cheesecake)

This German cheesecake is a bit lighter than its American cousin. The filling is made with low-fat quark instead of cream cheese and egg...
Stammtisch: A table for a friendly get together

Stammtisch: A table for a friendly get together

This word cannot be translated directly to English. Relatively we can call it something like "regular's table" or "regular get-together". In practically the word Stammtisch...
Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Guide to German Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Germany, of course, is best known for its beer and wine, yet there are many other types of beverages (Getränke) that are somewhat unique...

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Nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben

You will 100% confused if, while on a visit to Germany, a native strode up to you and asked if you still had all...


Germany is involved in different successful markets and industries that continue to contribute to its growing finances in the world economy. So if you’re...
Some Interesting facts about Germany and Germans

Some Interesting facts about Germany and Germans

DO YOU KNOW! Germany is the most populous European country (Please Don't compare with Russia), with a population of 82 million. German people...