Basic German Colors Name

The Basic German Colors Name

In our day to day life we can't imagine without colors . You lived in germany but you don't know basic colors name in...
Funny facts about -German Language-

Funny facts about “German Language”

Did you know German and English are both sister languages? English and German share 60% of their vocabulary. Given their close relation, German and English...
Education system in Germany: part 2

Education system in Germany: part 2

On my last post I wrote about the Grundschule (Primary school). In this post I will write about the 3 different school forms in...
Education System in Germany- Germanlifestyleblog

Education System in Germany

Thinking of moving to Germany with your family? So You need more information on the education system of Germany? Then read this detailed post...

States of the Federal Republic of Germany

 Index of German Federal States List of links to state profiles of the Federal States of Germany. Baden-Württemberg Bavaria Berlin Brandenburg Bremen Hamburg Hesse Lower...
Week in German

How to Say the Days of the Week in German

Most of the western Romance languages adopted these terms via Greek and Latin. But the Germanic languages (German and English among them) took on...
different types universities in germany

Germany has different types of Universities

Previously, Germany had almost different higher educational system. Recent days they're trying to setup their system more internationalized. The traditional University is Called “Universitat “and...

Fantastic 10 German words that describe life more perfectly

1) Weltschmerz (n.): mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state They say that the...

German Word Order in Main Clauses (Hauptsätze)

The following description of German word order is based on the structure of main clauses, also called independent clauses. A "main clause" has a...
t’s also one of the official languages of Switzerlandand Luxembourg.

Where is German Spoken and how hard is it to learn ?

German is among the most widely spoken language in the European Union and is the official language in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. It's also...

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4 Tips to Learn German

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Car Insurance in Germany

Autoversicherung / Car Insurance in Germany

Car Insurance in Germany
German States (Länder ) called different in English

German States (Länder ) called different in English

Germany called in German "Deutschland" Same thing happened when we look on the name of Different states in Germany. Maximum States has a different English name. Below you...