German Vocabulary for shopping- German Lifestyle

German vocabulary for shopping

You are new in Germany or Planing for vacation or Business trip ? Then definitely you will need to buy your regular staff or...

Nicht alle Tassen im Schrank haben

You will 100% confused if, while on a visit to Germany, a native strode up to you and asked if you still had all...
German language - German Lifestyle Blog

Funny facts about “German Language” part 02

Do you know how many people worldwide speak German? How many nations speak German? How many words are there in the German language? We...
Comparisons Between Germany and Austria

Comparisons Between Germany and Austria

  Many English speaking people mixed Austria with Germany. Sometimes they even confuse Austria with Australia! I know its quit funny J but true. Austria called as Österreich...
Improve your German by changing your daily habits.

Improve your German by changing your daily habits.

  Learning German language can be fun if you read my post and follow accordingly. There are many ways to make it easier and you...
Gedanken sind frei

‘Die Gedanken sind frei’ with English text

1. Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie erraten, sie fliegen vorbei wie nächtliche Schatten. Kein Mensch kann sie wissen, kein Jäger erschießen mit Pulver und Blei:...
Funny facts about -German Language-

Funny facts about “German Language”

Did you know German and English are both sister languages? English and German share 60% of their vocabulary. Given their close relation, German and English...
Deutsche weihnachten

Deutsche weihnachten

Deutsche Weihnachtstraditionen sind Spaß, die in den jährlichen Weihnachtliche Traditionen. Egal, ob Sie deutscher Abstammung sind oder nicht. Diese sind einige lustige deutsche Lebensweise...

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German workers are more productive

German workers are more productive than everyone else ! True or False ?

If we look at Level of GDP per capita and productivity we will see that for 2016, the top five countries in terms of productivity...
German Medical Words for when You’re Sick in Germany - German Lifestyle Blog

German Medical Words for when You’re Sick in Germany

Most German doctors speak at least enough English to communicate with you about your symptoms, illness, and medicine. Unfortunately, not all receptionists and helpers...
Summer Festivals in Germany- German Lifestyle Magazine

Summer Festivals in Germany

It's finally summer in Germany. This is the right time to visit or having a holiday in Germany. For you guys, we make a local "Summer...