Car Insurance in Germany
Car Insurance in Germany

After Buying a Car in Germany, the first thing you have to do is Autoversicherung/Car Insurance.  Basic insurance coverage (Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung) is mandatory for every car owner. To register a car and get a valid license plate, you have to show proof of third-party liability insurance.Without these vehicles cannot be registered. Coverage can be extended to damages to your own vehicle (Teilkasko/Vollkasko).

Insurance price depends on several factors. Systematically new drivers pay more than experienced drivers. After getting your driving license 1st two years is always a bit expensive ( It’s call provision period. ). If you drive big & powerful cars automatically you have to pay more than those with more regular cars. City residents have to pay the Bewohnerparkausweis cost to park in the city.

If you have a good driving record in your home country you can get credit for it here. Get a letter from your insurance agent back home. If the German agent says you can’t get this credit try for another company. Never stop bargaining in Germany.

Car Insurance in Germany
Car Insurance in Germany

There is no requirement for a driver to have any but third party liability insurance, but other kinds are available and sometimes advisable. There is full comprehensive, covering all damages or injuries done to your own car, another car or a person or object. There is also partial coverage for fire, theft and other sorts of damage (from break-ins, shattered glass, animals, etc.), and policies covering the death or disability of a passenger. Such policies often have deductibles, meaning you must swallow the cost up to a certain upper limit. These make the insurance less costly.

Several insurance agents in Germany are geared to getting the expatriate through these complexities. Your agent will issue you, free of charge, an International Green Card as the proof-of-insurance document you need to drive in other European countries.

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