Blue Card German Life Style
Blue Card German Life Style

The Germany EU blue card is an opportunity for highly educated skilled workers from non- EU- States to work and Stay in Germany. This is basically to meet the demand of skilled workers. Owners of this EU blue card who work in Germany will get the same salary as those citizens of the EU who are doing the same job. The Germany EU blue card has duration of one to four years.

Germany EU blue Card Requirements

Applicant for this card has to be a citizen of a non-EU- country. In addition he or she must have a degree from a German or any accredited foreign university that must be comparable to a German one. The applicant must have a working contract. The gross annual compensation must be at least €49.600, means around 4.134 Euros per month. This working contract must be in the shortage occupations that include scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors besides the IT- skilled workers.

The citizen of a non-EU-country has to apply for the Germany EU Blue Card before entry into Germany. This blue card valid will initially be valid for 4 years. In case the working contract is for a period that is less than 4 years, then the EU blue card will be valid for the time of the working contract and an additional 3 months. This validity can be extended. In case they have knowledge of German language at level B1 then the application can be made earlier, which will be after 21 months. Those who own this EU blue card can stay out of the EU for up to a year but still retain the right of staying in Germany. Once the owners of this EU blue card have stayed in Germany for 18 months, they can move to move to another country of the EU. This duration of stay in another state of the EU will also be considered for getting the Permanent Residence in Germany.

Documents applicants need:

– Valid passport
– One biometric photo: it needs to be 35mm x 45mm and show the person facing forwards, looking directly at the camera. The applicant needs to have a neutral facial expression and a closed mouth. The background must be bright.
– University report: If necessary the valuation of the ZAB.
– Job contract or a concrete job offer.
– Form: Application for granting a stay title (Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels). A residence permit may be given only on explicit application.
– Form: Application for permission of an employment (Antrag auf Erlaubnis einer Beschäftigung). This is only necessary if the approval of the federal agency for labour is needed.
– Form: Work Place description (Stellenbeschreibung). This is only necessary if the approval of the federal agency for labor is needed.

In case you own this EU blue card, then your relatives can work in Germany without any delay or limits. The spouse does not need to have any proof of knowing German language. Just having simple knowledge of the German language is going to be good enough in case of marriage partners.

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