4 Tips to Learn German

If you really want to start learning German today, look no further! With these posts, you will sure have a good start!

  1. Learn German with fun :

Everybody wants to do something that’s have fun. So learn German in a way that you find interesting & funny. Whether that’s a German short or adult story, learning about German sayings and expressions or anything else. Definitely We will have regular funny post on German language on our blog !

2.Find the best way which you like most :

Try to find the best way to learn the language for you is really important. You could use flashcards, watch videos and listen to German, or listen to songs translated and sung in German in our series Übersetzgesungen… There are lots of way you can find.

3.Make German friend & hanging with them :

One excuse you may have to learning German is: “I don’t know Germans! I don’t speak German on a regular basis, and so there is no point in learning the language, and I won’t be able to keep it up.”

But: That is not true. You can make German friends and hangout with them, which will stimulate your brain with German all the time. Some examples: Set the language of your devices and programs to German, hang up posters and pictures at home of German places, with German words on them, label items in your home with post-its that contain the German word for it, find a German friend to talk to, or a tutor at Transparent Language. Find a German pen friend, watch German movies or start watching in German where you can, read German books… Endless opportunities !

4.Set your destination :

An important part of staying at it is to set goals of where you want to be when. Give yourself a difficult goal to reach, for example: I want to watch German news and understand every word. Or: I want to go and visit Germany and have fluent conversations. To reach those goals, set smaller ones that lead there. One way to do that is through courses offered by Transparent Language. You can try them for free!

Don’t forget : Übung macht den Meister! (Practice makes perfect).

Share your German leaning experiences and ideas below in the comments!





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